Anchored on strong cultural and traditional heritage, and rich indigenous knowledge as manifested in our unique historical sites, artifacts, literature, religion and spectacular geographical locations, we the ABAKHULO people through the RACHIEBO CBO and Bahulo welfare group have organized ourselves for the purpose of improving our standard of life and fostering our unity through:

  1. Conservation of our environmental resources 
  2. Promotion of entrepreneurship and thrift  among the members 
  3. Identification, demarcation and preservation of historical and religious sites.
  4. Collection and preservation of our artifacts and memorabilia.
  5. Investigation and documentation of OUR cultural heritage.

Our current specific activities include:

  1. Table banking 
  2. Beekeeping
  3. Fish farming
  4. Poultry
  5. Tree planting and forestation 
  6. Traditional food crops
  7. Promotion of Art and craft
  8. Welfare support scheme for the vulnerable
  9. Youth and young people mentorship and training  program